Remember when I sent the letter about Maryland’s head of the Department of Agriculture and State Veterinarian accompanying me to a hog farm for signs of the cruel treatment of sows crammed in gestation crates? I also asked for the specific scientific methods employed to determine cruelty in food animals and again, in his hasty and offensively informal email to me tonight, he refused to answer any of my questions or request. Below is the addition I typed before sending my letter for the fourth time tonight:

Dear Secretary Hance and Dr. Hohenhaus:

This is the fourth time I have sent this response to you. I have to assume you don’t care about this important issue, the cruelty and abuse of innocent animals in the state of Maryland. I will be writing The Washington Post and The Baltimore Sun to inform the other citizens of Maryland about this lack of concern and response to my request. A photograph attachment of a sow in a gestation crate follows (here I’ll post Secretary Hance’s reply and my immediate response):

“Ms. 43YOV, your original letter raised two issues and as we have explained there are no laws against either practice in Maryland. Your letter included a picture of a sow in a crate but no location was identified. If you have specific evidence of a case then you should provide that otherwise there is nothing we can act on. Have a good weekend. Secretary Hance”

Dear Secretary Hance:

When you see that photo and you know that sows live that way in the state of Maryland, I would think you’d want to fight to create laws that make gestation crates illegal in Maryland. Have you visited every hog farm in the state of Maryland and not once seen a sow in a gestation crate? What scientific method do you employ to determine that that treatment of an animal is not cruel? I asked you to be more specific and you have yet to answer the question. Do you not know the scientific methods used to determine cruelty? Are these same methods used in domestic animal cases? Human domestic abuse cases?

I requested that you and Maryland’s state veterinarian visit a Maryland hog farm with me and still, with this response of yours five months after I responded to your letter, you refuse to say whether you’d be willing to do this. If I visit a hog farm and find this cruel treatment, I want people of authority there to verify and act on it. I’d think you’d find the sense in that.

I must add that the informality of your much-delayed response belies the office you hold at this time. I await your response as to if and when you and Maryland’s state veterinarian will accompany me to a Maryland hog farm.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter.


cc: The Washington Post




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