After reading my “cock” post yesterday, my oldest friend in the world sent me this text:

“Dear 43YOV – I have hope that you will find your soul mate but he will have to be a vegan like you. That only makes sense and should be on your criteria list. It is too important for you for it not to be. Also – you will find him. It may be through a vegan friend or the matchmaker – who knows, but don’t pay an arm and a leg to find out. If your matchmaker keeps asking for you to spend more $$$ (she hasn’t, by the way; she’s given me generous discounts), how invested is she in your happiness?

Lastly, you are in charge. Don’t forget that. Enough advice from me. Just please don’t give up on love. Have faith :)”

I have faith in myself, most of the time. It’s my faith in others that’s been materially damaged, and their acceptance of a damaged 43YOV.

Lack of communication is unhealthy.

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