OK,  that’s a little harsh, but I finish reading about the ten negative stereotypes men perceive (or misperceive, as Greenwald states) in women on first dates by page 165. Whew. Now for the good stuff–having him at “Hello” stories. Wait…what??? “Beyond the Top Ten: More Date-Breakers:

There are a few more interesting date-breakers that men revealed. Here you’ll find a short summary from my research of the ELEVENTH through SIXTEENTH most common reasons men said they didn’t call a woman back.” [all caps my emphasis] (166)

Goddamn mother fucking asshole cunt piece of shit! There you have it–my “at home only” curse. You’ll be happy to know meditation and yoga and being vegan have all but curtailed the use of this litany; however, I feel it an appropriate response to the above sentences. No wonder I can’t find men who read books. They’re too busy reading every gesture, word, tone of voice, choice of outfit and color, and body language of the unsuspecting, “can’t win” woman sitting across from him.

I understand this is a two-way street (one of the negative female stereotypes is the “One-Way Street” woman, by the way). What I take issue with is summed up neatly by Greenwald on page 22 as she answers the question, “Why aren’t you writing a book like this for men?” Her response:

“Believe me, if more than seven men in the whole universe bought dating self-help books, I would have written my entire book about all the mistakes men make on dates! Of course my research shows that there are just as many women as men doing the rejecting…after all, the whole idea behind this book is to put the ball in your court, allowing you to date the dreamboats and decline the duds. But the reality is that men don’t buy the books they probably need the most.” (bold my emphasis) She’s insulting you, by the way.

Why not? Maybe because women are programmed to compromise, support, submit, and “tweak” their faulty personality traits to fit each man’s ideal mate (supported by Greenwald; one of many, I’ll wager). I will finish Greenwald’s book and the other two recommendations to see if this is a consistent theme (and write snarky blog posts about it ’cause I’m in the midst of the longest sex drought in history and it’s my blog). Then I’m grabbing these babies off the shelf for different perspectives:



Library shelf, of course.


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