Say what you want about the British royals but I’d love to hang out with them for a day. I imagine the Queen’s at least thought this before. I’m positive Prince Philip’s said it. He must call her “old girl,” don’t you think?

If only Will and Kate would set a good example and go vegan. Can you imagine how many Brits would follow suit? Now that would be a true act of environmental stewardship. Why Charles hasn’t with his interest in environmental/organic matters is beyond me. How does one write a royal? He needs to know you can’t call yourself an environmentalist and eat animals, much less take the royal fox manglers out for hunting parties or schedule a grouse shoot.

Eat like you give a fuck, Granddad.

6 thoughts on “HAPPY HARUMPH DAY

    1. Oh, you just made my day! I can’t tell you how happy that makes me. I’m thinking, just hypothesizing here, that writing every day is improving my writing skills…;) And if it’s the humorous skills, even better! xoxoxo

  1. the sort of environmentalists who have huge palaces all over the kingdom which they leave empty most of the time (what’s the carbon cost of heating Windsor Castle ?), the sort of environmentalists who have their own planes and trains…., Phil was head of WWF for years, I’m sure he thought they could advise him as to which animal to shoot next.

    1. Ha! A kind of sad, depressing Ha! I hadn’t thought about the carbon footprint of their lifestyle, without eating and shooting, from their “homes” to travel, clothing, possessions, etc. Minimalists, they’e not. Some traditions are made to be broken.

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