“We are proud to fund research supporting all types of cancer, including the rare and traditionally underfunded. Help today’s brightest scientific minds conquer cancer & donate: Your gift will be matched!” (Conquer Cancer Foundation Facebook post with graphic)

43YOV: Why does breast cancer get more funding than lung cancer, which is the #1 cancer killer in the US? Where’s the funding and piece of the pie for PREVENTING cancer? (Yesterday at 1:02PM)

Conquer Cancer Foundation: Thanks for your question, 43YOV. Each year our Grant Selection Committee chooses the best of the best of the research project applications submitted, regardless of cancer type. So, in any given time period one cancer type might be more represented than another just due to the quality of individual research proposals. We do also have some endowed grants and donors that specifically support research in breast cancer. Regarding cancer prevention research, it has a piece of the pie just to the right of the breast cancer section. We are proud to be one of a very few organizations that support cancer prevention research, and continue to encourage applicants to submit their research projects for funding. (2 hrs)

43YOV: The 1.2% that it shares with Epidemiology is hardly something to be proud of, especially when one of the most powerful preventative measures (proven in peer-reviewed study after study), sound nutrition–a whole food, plant-based diet (not Big Ag’s funded definition of nutrition) can be found in grocery stores, gardens, and farmers markets everywhere.

I appreciate your response and know most researchers honestly want to save lives. I still won’t donate or sign petitions for more cancer research funding until our healthcare system (medical schools, doctors, hospitals, etc.) and disease organizations get on board with educating all patients on preventative measures against disease. These include what Kaiser-Permanente already promotes: a whole food, plant-based diet/lifestyle, regular exercise, and stress management. It’s a tall order I won’t see in my lifetime, but I’ll fight for it all the same.

Lack of communication is unhealthy.

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