You’re right, L. I can’t have more than a friendship with a non-vegan man. I don’t want to be that vegan who pushes her beliefs and lifestyle on another person. I hope I don’t do that to you or other friends. I’ve tried hard to not preach or judge others. Nobody pressured me into becoming a vegan. My consciousness grew in that direction. That’s the only way I can explain it.

The Journalist is a good guy. I could see us becoming serious but tonight on our date, I felt that needling, annoying person I don’t want to be elbowing her way to the surface. I can’t apologize for being a passionate vegan/animal/human advocate, but it’s wrong to force someone into something they’re not ready for, or know nothing about.

We were gonna see a movie after dinner but I said I needed to cut the night short. I didn’t want to take the chance of going off on some rant (I know PMS is somewhat responsible for this, too; I feel that bit of irritation from hormonal imbalance) with the poor man.

Do you know he asked me to send him information about vegan protein when he dropped me off at my building? What a kind gesture. I’ve never been the “angry vegan” with G, and just spending time together, eating together, he’s pretty much given up meat and eggs. I’m blessed with these incredible people in my life and sometimes wonder what the hell they see in me.

I’m tearing up which is a sure sign of raging hormones. My mood’s improved beyond measure since moving to DC. And because I told the Journalist I felt off tonight, my reason for going home early, he only kissed me on the cheek. In case I had a cold. I wanted him to kiss me like last time. I blew it.

We really are our own worst enemies.

Lack of communication is unhealthy.

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