Where’s our Ice Bucket Challenge? I’m one of 100 million Americans living with chronic pain (rheumatoid arthritis for me), more than those affected by cancer, heart disease, and diabetes combined. Arthritis in its many forms is the #1 disability in the US, costing us hundreds of billions of dollars a year.

Believe me, I sympathize with anyone living with these horrific diseases–chronic, degenerative, terminal. It’s one of several reasons I adopted a whole foods plant-based lifestyle. RA drugs (one of which, methotrexate, a chemotherapy drug) are among the most dangerous out there. And while they’ve improved quality of life to some extent (with very unpleasant side effects), they do nothing to improve life expectancy (RA sufferers die 5-15 years earlier than those without, mostly of heart disease).

Research funding for RA and other chronic degenerative auto-immune disorders pales in comparison to that for cancer (40 years they’ve been “this” close to finding a cure yet it remains the #2 killer in the US) and heart disease, both of which–along with Type 2 Diabetes–are the most preventable. How? By adopting a whole foods plant-based lifestyle. Add to that regular, enjoyable exercise and stress management (yoga, meditation, hobbies, time with friends/support network, etc.).

Nutrition (sound nutritional facts in peer-reviewed journals from countless studies; NOT FDA recommendations!)–Americans need to take it much more seriously. It’s an incredible preventive healthcare method. Most disease organizations get funding from Big Pharma/Big Ag, who want us fat and sick. Greed for bigger profits is their #1 priority. 

Well guess what? I’ve found that eating healthy raw vegan meals alleviates my pain and swelling as much as weekly Enbrel injections (one prescription costing $7000 without comprehensive, gold-standard health insurance). And without more nasty side effects. Now I’m sticking it to “The Man.”


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