Radiate peace, love, empathy, compassion, understanding and PATIENCE. Everyone’s on a different journey…though you’re entitled to get upset and passionate too, as long as you channel it into a positive message (uh oh). This includes, “GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE MIDDLE EAST NOW.” (OK, calm down, 43YOV. Wishes of love and peace, Middle East, love and peace.)

“Saudis’ offer tepid support of US Syria ‘strategy.'” A majority of the 9/11 hijackers were Saudis. Why the fuck (deep breathing, try deep breathing) are we allied with them? Rhetorical question, obviously, but it’s humiliating watching our leaders holding hands with kajillionaire Saudi royalty with their dismal human rights history (women, the poor, women).

Imagine being free of them, of foreign (and domestic) oil, improving your health, saving billions of animals’ lives, and healing the earth by saying, “No thanks!” to animal products for good. Yes, it’s as simple as that. Far less extreme than drones, bombs, dead civilians, dead any beings, guilt, greed, a trillion dollar deficit, loading your bodies (then waterways) with toxic drugs to ineffectively combat myriad diseases brought on by consuming animal products; thereby consuming misery, terror, cruelty, suffering, pain, and death which stifles the innate compassion within all of us–compassion, intelligence, awareness, empathy, love, and inner peace.

“I see dead people” couldn’t be a more apt description of those passing me on the streets each day. You’re not to blame, but now that you know the agribusiness/pharmaceutical/medical/banking (didn’t you know?)/military industrial complex has lied to you all your lives, you have the power to fight back. The perfect (and way less depressing) analogy? A favorite movie, A Bug’s Life. Seriously. “They” are the few, but we have the numbers to change this world for the better without casting a vote.

We hold the cards, the upper hand (fuck it, writing professors, cliches work here). “They” can’t survive without us and we don’t want them to, not in their present state of greed and indifference. We can be our own superheroes and destroy (without violence but sure, wear your cape if you want to; make it fun!) the villains by leaving animal products off our plates. It’s as simple as that.

Be the bug.

(This impassioned plea would not have been possible without having read The World Peace Diet by William Tuttle, PhD.)

Lack of communication is unhealthy.

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