And the good times continue! G scored us awesome seats (brand new to the Folger Theatre too) for today’s 2PM performance of this highly-lauded production of King Lear. That’s why I went to the pre-DCVegFest party last night, ’cause I knew I probably wouldn’t make it there today. It’d be cool and G’s up for trying but 15,000 are expected and with the green line only running every 20 minutes this weekend, well, it’d be like the Amazing Race.

Weird aside: A bacon festival (w/entrance fee; VegFest is FREE) is taking place next to the VegFest. Hey, I know vegans would welcome their attendees with peace in their hearts and a groovy grin on their faces. The H Street Festival‘s today, too. Give me a FB hand smack if I ever complain of boredom living here!

Think I can finish reading King Lear in three hours? I wanna be “bona fide.”

Lack of communication is unhealthy.

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