I’ve read a lot about factory farming and I learned awful new facts last night. Saw it @ Landmark’s E Street Cinema with a packed house. Outstanding. Incredible. Must see film. Dr. Richard Oppenlander, a REAL environmentalist, is a new hero. Did you know animal activist groups are the #1 domestic terrorist threat according to the FBI? I didn’t. That’s but one example of the power BigAg yields…over 1,100 animal advocates murdered in Brazil in recent years trying to save the rain forests…the vegan doctor scene where he answers, “Should humans drink milk?” is worth the price of admission alone.

I’m not proud to be a vegan. It’s simply something I need to be. I love what the narrator, Kip, says: “I’d rather live for something than die for nothing.” That’s going to be my epitaph.

P.S. Walking to the metro station after leaving the theatre, I texted my mom and G the following:

“You probably won’t watch it but know this, loved ones: I’m not content to pay factory farm subsidies for the animal products you eat. I will do all in my power to make eating animal products obsolete. The FBI lists animal activist groups as the #1 domestic terrorist threat. Love ya!”

Yes, I sound a tad overzealous but the film got to me. And there’s no comparison between adopting a vegan lifestyle and joining a cult. BigAg would love to have people believe it, though. BTW, my mom’s response: “OK.” I love you, Mom.

Lack of communication is unhealthy.

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