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“Come on out to Poplar Spring’s annual Open House and Fundraiser this Sunday October 5 from 1-5 p.m. and meet all of our new animals – Clifford and Juliet, the cows who were rescued from being chained up in NJ, Abbie the pig and her seven piglets who were saved from a trash filled pen in a trailer park in NC; Rose, a beautiful goat who escaped from a slaughterhouse in NY, Talulah, one of three beautiful young turkeys from an “organic farm”, and Dewey, a young pygmy goat found in DC. Meet them and more than 200 other wonderful animals, while enjoying the Dave Kitchen band, delicious vegan food from Vegetable Garden, the Randy Radish, Yuan Fu and the always popular Sticky Fingers cakes! Purchase items at our gift shop, shop for treasures at our fun silent auction, or sponsor an animal to help us raise funds to continue our important work of providing a permanent home for abused and abandoned animals, saving a place for wildlife, and promoting compassion for all animals. We hope to see you there!”

The Randy Radish! Someone’s chowing down on Jackfruit BBQ this Sunday. Whoopie! Yes, I’m finally visiting an animal sanctuary, Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary, and on its annual Open House and Fundraiser day! A bunch from my vegan group are going and our lovely organizer offered to pick me up at the metro so I can go too. I’m going to unashamedly smooch and hug (maybe nap with) as many residents as possible. I mean, look at those beautiful faces!

Lack of communication is unhealthy.

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