More than a third of the way through #FastAgainstSlaughter day already. In a peaceful manner, of course, ripped a new one for a twitter troll (just learned this term) who made the mistake of asking, “Animals eat animals. Why shouldn’t we? We’re animals after all.” I’d ignore it but this was my first twitter troll encounter and he made it so easy.

My response: “By your reasoning we can be cannibals, too. Can you chase down a gazelle, break its neck with your teeth, and break thru bone to eat the marrow?” More importantly I should’ve added, “Are you instinctively driven to stalk, catch, and kill your meals?”

Haven’t heard back from him yet…anyhoo, today’s hunger’s not much different than that when RA fatigue keeps me from eating…except that I’m doing it for others. Warm fuzzies. And would you mess with this dude?

Lack of communication is unhealthy.

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