(Photo and quote from Breast Cancer Awareness Facebook page)

Yes, I wonder who paid for this one of many “beautiful table settings?” And am I the only one who finds it weird that a woman’s “head” is a bouquet of flowers? Don’t support any cancer organizations unless you like paying for pretty parties instead of much-needed truthful information about how to PREVENT cancer. You think BigPharma wants a cure? Where’s the money in that?


My comment on this “sponsored” article about ways to prevent breast cancer (On Yahoo’s home page):

Unsurprisingly, not one word about sound nutritional advice. How vague can you get–“keep weight in check”–without one suggestion about how to go about it. It’s been proven that animal protein causes cancer, yet no one in mainstream medical community will step up and promote a whole foods, plant-based diet. Well, healthy people don’t make BigAg/BigPharma $$$ or make it necessary to hand out grants for reductionist studies: “If we can just find the GENE.”

You know, those “commitment” genes that need a buddy in the form of poor lifestyle choices like smoking or eating the SAD diet heavy in animal protein, very light in veggies and fruits. You don’t mention the “commitment” part so poor women are having their breasts lopped off “just in case” (horrifying). I see you get specific at the end when promoting toxic drugs to prevent cancer. Reread that sentence. Toxic drugs to PREVENT cancer. Ka-ching! Despicable article.

Lack of communication is unhealthy.

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