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What a wonderful day at Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary’s Annual Open House. It was a lovely drive (thanks to Patricia who picked me up in Bethesda) out to the Sanctuary. She was actually volunteering today so until I caught up with another friend from the vegan group, I took in as much of the atmosphere and animals as possible…after a quick looksy @ the silent auction selections (decided to get a PSAS hoodie sweatshirt instead).

Piggies! I hugged a big, friendly pig, even rested my head on her after entering their barn area–the volunteer was happy to see my “Vegan” pin on my sweater. I loved all of them! There were just two who’d rather be left alone but plenty who’d roll over for belly rubs. Except for their size and snouts, they remind me a lot of kitties. Play a little, eat a little, sleep a lot!

Chickens, roosters, and turkeys, oh my! And a pretty bunny named Lola. So many beautiful colors–one’s tail feathers jeweled-toned–but I loved the honey hued hens. I could’ve sat with Andy the little sheep all day. “Andy on wheels,” I called him. Thank goodness he got many donations for a new set. As a baby his hind leg joints fused but received no veterinary care as he was “just” going to be slaughtered. Now he’s safe, much adored, and gets around well. He’s sweet as pie; I loved him up again later while he rested on the lawn in the sunshine.

Many of the goats shied away from us except a pretty girl sitting by the fence. The friendliest sheep, Adam, was enjoying the fine day outside the barn when we stopped by to meet him. The volunteer chuckled as I breathed in deeply ’cause I’ve loved the smell of barns (yes, even manure) since I was a kid.

Oh, I forgot to mention Abby and her seven babies. PETA found them living in deplorable conditions in one of the Carolinas, the piglets just a week old. They’re thriving now! As a little one scampered away from the fence I couldn’t help but say, “Look at his little tushy!” I just stated what everyone was thinking. The cows and horses were much farther afield or I’d have photos of me hugging at least one. Oh, there was a good band and good food, too. Seeing the animals living their lives the way they were meant to made it hard to focus on the other stuff though.

Very peaceful place. I’m so going back for their Thanksgiving Potluck, when we watch the turkeys feast first, eat our bounty, then smash pumpkins for the piggies to eat.

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