My comments regarding yet another drug pushing article from same website, this time for Type II Diabetes:

Another horrible health article espousing drugs to treat Type II Diabetes. People need to take charge of their health and do as much research about alternative treatments. Doctors and hospitals are pressured by Big Pharma to push drugs and surgery when SOUND NUTRITION is such a powerful preventative and curative treatment.

A woman in my vegan group was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes in 2007. She immediately went to work learning as much about the disease and ways to combat it, including daily walks, changing her food choices to organic, then 100% vegan, and attending cooking and nutrition classes with Dr. Neal Barnard of PCRM.

Within two years, she no longer takes any diabetes medication. She shows no signs of having had the disease and is healthier than ever. Check out PCRM’s website, Dr. Barnard’s book on reversing Type II Diabetes, be your own health advocate (or find someone to assist you), and research all options before just accepting toxic drugs.

Below is a link to an empowering story about Native Americans, their high incidence of Diabetes, and one woman’s fight to regain optimal health using PCRM’s Reverse Diabetes program. The second link contains an important article about animal protein and Diabetes risk.



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