Well, this is embarrassing. A friend recommended a “self-care” device to me recently. I’d heard about its magical powers for years and it was SATC’s Samantha’s best friend when flying solo. Until it broke. Under warranty. So she hotfooted it to Brookstone for a replacement, during which time she sold another female customer on buying one. Capiche? 

Obviously I’d considered buying one, but then learned of jimmyjane and honored them with my custom. My first purchase, one of jimmyjane’s “usual suspects,” worked like a charm…at first. Maybe variety was key, I reasoned, so chose a second “usual suspect.” Unfortunately you still need two to tango, if you get my drift, and the pile of dead double AAs symbolized my need, just not my want.

Of course I didn’t want it, not like that, every single time. The amount of effort and time (and not earth-friendly batteries) wasted made that clear, not to mention RA wrist and hand pain from those efforts. So it’d been a while when this friend suggested I try it. Oh what the hell. Marketed as the Rolls Royce of its kind–with a one year warranty–I clicked a few times and waited.

Now trying to buy something NOT made in China is difficult so I wasn’t shocked at that news. It never occurred to me it’d be shipped from China, however, with a white address sticker and Description of Contents: New Authentic Massager Original. Oh, and my phone number.

I did say I loved to make people smile, laugh, happy.

Oh, shut up.

Lack of communication is unhealthy.

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