Truer words were never spoken. I don’t know who William Osler, M.D. is but he’s a freaking genius.

On that note, the sun’s kind of shining. Dang nabbit, DC weather. A minute ago it was tropical blue skies and brilliant light. Now it’s jeans faded almost white and lackluster luminosity. Never fear, the 43YOV downed four Advil along with her AM meds to KAPOW! persistent sinus pain that made this week’s Enbrel injection a no-no. Hurray! Ouch! And isn’t that life in a nutshell?

Five years ago no one’d believe me but I’m super psyched about my first PCP (GP) doctor’s appointment this afternoon. Do I have a list of complaints to read off to her! Poor woman. And though I’m aiming for a future of minimal medication, today I’m gonna grovel for antibiotics, enough to kill off what feels like a full body infection settling in for a long winter’s nap. I’ll fight their effects (see above quote) with soy yogurt and kombucha out the wazoo. And plenty of immunity boosting vegan smoothies, soups, and grapefruit oil-infused hot water. Oh yeah. I will not be cowed meek and obliging; she’s being interviewed too, “top doc” though she may be.

Then it’s 13 days until I face off with a new FEMALE rheumy doctor. Poor woman. I’ve lists and study summaries of alternative treatments galore in my arsenal ginormous handbag awaiting their moment(s) in the spotlight. And 13 more days to compile more research and data (datum?). Whatever. A lot of my (your) tax dollars subsidize Big Pharma (and all the other Bigs up there); it’s payback time. With peace and patience and a smile, of course.

Holy smokes, I’ve a “make due with what’s in the fridge” smoothie to concoct, a load of laundry to wash (did I mention I was bra- and panty-less at Poplar Springs Animal Sanctuary on Sunday? A few several days, actually), shower to take, self-care, metro directions to write down, food essentials to buy, litter boxes to scoop…it’s like War and Peace, my list.


Lack of communication is unhealthy.

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