“…from the seeds of a rainforest plant.” At least you’re promoting, kinda, the idea that plants can destroy cancer (yes, in animals only). What does that mean for the Australian rain forests? Deforestation for agribusiness has reached seriously alarming heights.

Know what else has been shown to kill cancer–in humans? A whole foods, plant-based diet. No rain forests destroyed, skyrocketing methane levels (agribusiness is #1 cause of climate change) drop, as does our weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, chances of getting cancer, heart disease, type II diabetes, having a stroke…just about every disease out there that involves inflammation.

I take a cancer drug for my RA (!!); horrible side effects. So Big Pharma comes out with another cancer drug that lessens the horrible side effects of the first drug (methotrexate–TOXIC). Am I the only one who finds this insane? The US is the most heavily medicated country in the world. And we’re sicker and fatter than ever. Drugs are failing.

Lack of communication is unhealthy.

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