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I had a wonderful evening last night attending a vegan event at the last minute. Saw DC vegan friends I made at that pre-VegFest party a month ago and made new DC friends while eating a delicious meal courtesy of recipes from a new vegan cookbook by Ayinde Howell and Zoe Eisenberg, The Lusty Vegan–what the event was promoting. Met, talked to, and had my picture taken with the gorgeous chef authors (and they signed my just-purchased copy). Met the one and only Robin Robertson, who’s written 20+ vegan cookbooks, her most recent, One Dish Vegan, I bought this summer. I’d a few of her popular cookbooks and was thrilled to meet her and her publisher husband, who also published The Lusty Vegan. Can’t wait to read it.

Had my picture taken with Robin and hubby and the pre-VegFest friends and a trio of beautiful, funny women sitting at my table (we compared and traded free packets of vegan condoms–Sustain brand, FYI; I reasoned carrying a 3-pack might bring me luck, or I’d “get lucky.” LOL. The book’s called LUSTY Vegan, after all). The biggest reason I went? It took place at Eatonville, a restaurant across the street from Busboys and Poets. It’s named for the all-black Florida town where one of my favorite authors, Zora Neale Hurston, grew up and the paintings/murals by local artists are all in honor of her and her important contributions as part of the Harlem Renaissance–which really started in DC with Langston Hughes (Busboys & Poets is devoted to preserving his rich legacy).

I’m so glad I put myself out there and went. Last night epitomized why I moved to the city.

Lack of communication is unhealthy.

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