Due to missing my ride to the Vegan SoulFest–she sent emails to my nonexistent iPhone while I texted and called several times from my dinosaur phone with no response–I was unable to volunteer today, dang nabbit. Gorgeous weather, a great hair day, and a new fall top to boot. Sigh. I looked and felt downright pretty. Nothing to do but make the best of it.

First I stopped at Puree for a Mango Tango smoothie (with extra coconut oil) to perk myself up. I woke up at 4:55AM, rebounded for fifteen minutes, showered AND washed hair, cleaned the litter boxes, journaled, downed two cups of coffee, a thick, yummy green smoothie, and played “cat charmer” with the kitties for another fifteen minutes before heading out. Usually that much AM activity requires a 90 minute nap. And score! I spotted three containers of Puree’s elusive cauliflower couscous–Mediterranean–and grabbed one. It’s, like, so good for you! (Valley Girl flashback.)

Walked my booty (and my booty) to Barnes & Noble to read and drool over books (I snap photos of tomes I add to my “wish list” or reserve at the library; I’m aware I have a book fetish. I’ll post yesterday’s finds. You’ll see). If you live with illness(es), are vegan, and/or have a thirst for health knowledge, you’ll understand my taking notes, copying quotes, and penning a response to an irresponsible article (yet again) in the latest Well Being Journal on the benefits (there are none) of fatty fish for the Holy Grail of Omegas, Omega 3s (plenty of plant sources contain them; fish offer negligible amounts of it but plenty of saturated fats and cholesterol–and environmental toxins, don’t you know?) I’m like a broken record with this but then so are these so-called health experts. I learn from and respect most of the information in WBJ but this “promoting fatty fish as healthy” shit has to stop.


(This isn’t the article I’m responding to but another earlier, inaccurate one on their FB page to which I posted two comments and received no response; no rebuttal either, I might add.)

Despite my disappointment in reading the thousandth “fish is healthy” article, I found several to be informative and helpful. More on those in a future post. It was time to stretch my legs and make a trip to the loo, the only one being two floors down in the children’s section. Yes, a three story Barnes & Noble which I like, actually, ’cause if I’m trekking down two floors to pee my eyes glom on to lots of pretty books and cute, useless dust gatherers. I end up standing, stopping, stooping (for books) and walking for a good half hour. Those with chronic pain and arthritis know of what I speak.


I devoured yet savored the “couscous” while perusing the City Paper for a possible film to catch at Bethesda Row Cinema across the street. Love, love, love Landmark theaters. Indie films, vegan options, and a BAR (with custom cocktails for the films showing). I decided on Birdman with Michael Keaton ’cause everybody’s talking about it, I’m a Keaton fan, and the rest of the cast ain’t too shabby either.

IMG_1495 IMG_1496

Good choice. It was incredible. Michael Keaton soared with an Oscar-worthy performance, and I stopped respecting and watching the Oscars long ago. His character mesmerized me; I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. All the actors shone, the writing, cinematography, and direction–impeccable. If that weren’t enough, I successfully ate my way through a small bag of popcorn.

Wondrous way to cap off the night. Another 43YOVegan SoloFest, yes, but a damn decent one. And I think I know why I’m still alone. It’s a long shot but comically easy to fix.

To be continued…

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