Jennifer Jason Leigh,
LAST EXIT TO BROOKLYN, 1989 (Mondo Films FB post)


I’m not criticizing the author’s subject matter. The title bothers me. Another attempt to “own” a slur to lessen its power backfires. To me, the title suggests that the author believes in sluts (amoral, immoral, or moral), accepting an oppressed society’s view that one’s sexual preferences are a measure of one’s morality or ethics.

Above are examples of why I will stop following and won’t listen to a comedian’s “Manwhore” podcast: “owning” racial/gender/cultural slurs fails to disempower them; otherwise, why would this comedian need to call his show “Manwhore?” Because if you say or read “whore,” you think woman. One of his comments to me justified, in my mind, the negative power of that word (and the others): he called himself “a manwhore with a heart of gold.”

Why add the heart of gold bit? Why wouldn’t I think he had a good heart? We all know why. Whores, sluts, tramps, labels imbedded in our culture via religion and men, can’t be caring, loving, altruistic, tender, moral humans. Bullshit. I have no problem with a person’s sexual choices, who nor how many they sleep with. I don’t consider it a measure of morality (as long as both know the score).

This kid (he looks to be in his 20s but hell, even 30somethings are kids to me), comedian, I’m sure harbors no ill intentions in naming his podcast “Manwhore.” It’s funny, see? Men can be whores too! Why does either sex have to fear or live with or accept this label? Of course I told him women suffered a great deal more from this word than men. Alway will, I’m afraid. And naming his podcast “Manwhore” only serves to validate this hateful, hurtful label.

Lack of communication is unhealthy.

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