What!?! Say it ain’t so, David Bowie. Oh, well, you believed in “Changes” a few decades ago. I’ll cling to that moment in time as I wax on (don’t say it) about changes in me. Mostly mundane to anyone but me with a few zingers thrown in to widen some TGIFriday morning eyeballs. Let’s see, I’m growing out my hair (again; women understand) even though it’ll take longer to wash and air dry (gave away my once-used candy pink hairdryer to some lucky veteran; light forehead slap that I could blow out my hair with active RA). No bag-over-head awkward growth spurts so far and I’m able to shake my hair alluringly, well, “in my mind” alluringly with life suddenly shifting to its little known slow motion technology. And slightly off topic but am I the only one who found the “Bag Over Head Guy” from The Gong Show creepy?


“Mario Joyner shows up unexpectedly. Two Blacks and one White in a small hotel room. If you liked the OJ memorabilia raid, you’ll love this one.” (Jerry Seinfeld on episode with George Wallace on FB)

As stated in previous posts, I’m watching films (two that I’ve seen before but Leap Year stars Matthew Goode; I think that speaks for itself) and Jerry Seinfeld’s second show about nothing with an almost stupidly banal set up, and yet it works. The stars continue to align for that man. And hearing comedians make other comedians cry with laughter, I don’t know why, but I can’t get enough of it (see above photo; it’s a beautiful thing). It’s like Klonopin to me. See, I can joke about it now. That’s the power of Oprah and Deepak Chopra.


Yes, I’m mentally mantra-ing to Oprah and Deepak’s (notice who gets top billing–the billionaire!) latest 21-Day Meditation series, “Energy of Attraction.” I give it two thumbs up. I even enjoy the big O’s really quite lovely, velvety voice during her daily meditation introduction, and you’d have to duct tape me to a chair to watch her show. A couple meditations affected me rather profoundly; one in particular about (it’s about to get goopy) sharing your intention to attract what you release into the world (it’s really not The Secret) with all others, meaning you want their best intentions to manifest too (see above photo). In short, let go of judgement, accept that everyone’s on their own journey and most important (to me), we’re all connected. OK, goopy stuff’s over.

And while some intentions of mine are clear, others live in a murky area, like when you order a Surprise Box of unnamed goodies. I’ve never done that as I’m not big on buying crap I don’t want, but I’m OK with this. Now here’s the biggest change–that desperate need to share my life with someone? Poof! Gone. Picture it–last night I’m sitting in a cozy corner of Native Foods (two gift cards) enjoying a cup of Creamy Tomato Basil soup and their excellent soy chai while reading the latest Vegan Health & Fitness issue (two ginormous oatmeal cookie sandwiches encasing gluttonous globs of vanilla frosting stuff, one for a friend–my “errand”–wrapped in a to-go bag). I look up, realize how content I am and notice another solo woman diner with food of choice and open book in front of her. Together in our aloneness. Shared intentions? Maybe.

Connected? Yeah.

Lack of communication is unhealthy.

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