I’ll keep this short ’cause an exciting new pain, OK, more of a dull ache has developed in my left forearm. It aches at rest but not all the time so I can’t risk long bouts of typing with bedtime drawing near.

I saw a trailer of this Crackle show recently and wanted to check it out but was like, what the hell is Crackle and how much is it gonna cost me? I recall something called a search engine when I get home from running an errand for a friend and buying groceries. I search, well, Yahoo searches and there it is–Crackle. An equally quick eye scan detects no fee involved, I register and (dull ache’s activating) before you can say “couch potato,” I’m four episodes into Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

I choose safe bets Howard Stern, Jon Stewart, Bill Burr and Tina Fey. After reading Jerry couldn’t stop laughing with Sarah Silverman, I’m watching that and Chris Rock’s episode (DC native) before shutting down for PM yoga and meditation. Six episodes. Me. A Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee marathon (forearm’s requesting I wrap this up).

I’m sure this is just a fluke. Who wants to be normal? I’ve enough stress in my life. Yes, left forearm, I’m done.

Lack of communication is unhealthy.

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