(Freaky. This is the Imagine Peace Tower in Reykjavik. I read it lights up on John Lennon’s birthday and stays lit until the date of his assassination–which just happens to be my BIRTHDAY.)

“Astrology isn’t for everyone, but for those of us who are say, Sagittarii, we know that we’re bold, so Reykjavík, Iceland actually does make pretty perfect sense for our next vacation.” (So that’s the plural form of Sagittarius.) They explain:

At one with nature, you are at home in the great outdoors and enjoy backpacking and exploration. The starkly beautiful surroundings of Reykjavik allow for you to explore, learn and satisfies your need for freedom.”

Wow, now it makes even more sense that I just bought a heavyweight down-alternative (obviously) mid-length puffer coat with faux fur-lined hood, my first super warm snow boots since childhood, and long johns! Does Reykjavik have that hotel made entirely of ice? I do prefer it cool at bedtime. Wonder if they have a vegan scene? Restaurants? Options? I’ll let you know…

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