My wait is over! Picked up Mom at the airport yesterday afternoon without incident. Handed her her own SmartTrip metro card and after a bit of confusion on using it to get through the gate, she’s a pro, well, more confident amateur. Both hungry and wanting to treat her to a good meal at a DC landmark, we hopped on the yellow line to U Street and walked a few blocks to Busboys & Poets. It’s my “go-to” restaurant to take visiting friends (now family).

I admit an ulterior motive. Over the past several years Mom’s views on people of color have been warped by 1) her bigoted husband who leaves much to be desired (believe me, I’ve told her this), and 2) FOX News. Something happens to a lot of adults as they enter the “Senior Citizen” years; indeed, several friends my age have witnessed this unfortunate transformation in their parents. It’s puzzling and troubling. Oh, and they turn stubborn as a mule (but less cute) and, how do I put this delicately, share these unsavory views in private and public. Something about “I’m old and I’ll say what I damn well please now.” Heavy sigh.

Mom has many wonderful qualities–I’m her daughter and I’m pretty cool–but, like all of us, she’s imperfect. Now many of us have caught on to how our government and media’s taught us to fear the wrong things. While we’re focused on what scares us, the G & M get away with doing the TRULY scary shit. Many of us missed that memo, however. So I took Mom to a popular (she was surprised to hear that) “happening” part of the city that I’m just discovering myself but love. And it happens to appeal to people of all shades and lifestyles and income brackets. Hey, I have to try to “mythbuster” some of her views while I have her to myself! I find showing works better than telling in most instances.

Listen, I’ve lived in fear most of my life. Man, shedding that layer of irrational fear brings a freedom and peace without equal. It hurts my heart to see it in others, especially my loved ones. Anyways, it’s my (birthday) party and I’ll “mythbust” if I want to! And “it’s only just begun” (a little Carpenters in honor of Mom). Come Saturday morning, we’ll hop a train to be a part of “New York, New York.”

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