1. I want a man with whom to share my life. I don’t expect it will happen.


2. Animals are the only beings who have loved me unconditionally.


3. I am grateful I don’t have children and sad about the world parents are leaving to their children.


4. Humans treat each other so badly, small wonder most are indifferent to the needless suffering and death of animals.


5. My family are the least accepting or supportive people in my life. Thank goodness for my friends.

IMG_1342 IMG_1654

6. There are no such things as signs.

7. The passion, lyrics, architecture of music’s notes hurt and heal me because people are scared or unable to express themselves in such a way.


8. Staying alive and sharing my story are the scariest things I’ve done.


9. In spite of the above I like who I’ve become and deserve a beautiful life.


10. To that end I’m going to try, fail and succeed at several new adventures with a Sagitarrius’s passion in 2015.

46570_479390728761969_1081536669_n 10313836_547219315399784_6200194616352701958_n 10175980_773440989333832_1954782298274950713_n 1395435_1550618688514880_7661150761521476665_n

10686656_775025762547296_8073587393873609213_n 10252067_539102636210916_6219246617511953534_n

10734037_10152797098536508_6961337116592917144_n 10458324_436659173139391_4711543932498625429_n

Do I need a reason to add the photo of a shirtless Bradley Cooper? Ah, but I have one…

Lack of communication is unhealthy.

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