So I read this magazine at the bookstore last week. It prides itself on its “no gimmick, no hype” straight, sound health/nutrition news and advice.

As it’s published by Lifetime Fitness’s (gyms) publishing company and promotes its gyms in ads, I’d call that gimmicky and hype. They publish articles that coincide with their (the Lifetime Fitness company’s) health/nutritional beliefs and/or knowledge, articles that promote eating animal protein for optimal health and the Paleo diet–they discuss the merits of eating as our ancient ancestors did, except, sigh, 99% of Earth’s current inhabitants can’t and don’t hunt, kill, prepare, and eat the animals that they did (in much smaller quantities) in Paleolithic times.

And instead of comparing its benefits to a vegan diet, they offer readers more information (completely unbiased, I’m sure) at paleovsvegan.com. Why not keep it objective and include veganvspaleo.com too? Or peer-reviewed studies in medical journals without a “.com” at the end (connotes a less-than-highly respected/reliable source; ask any English professor).

Then I read the almost giddy article about rabbit being the “new white meat” and almost gagged. What omnivores and Paleo supporters don’t get is what is at the core of living a vegan lifestyle vs. a meat eating lifestyle–unconditional compassion, love and empathy for all beings, and peace. To eat animals, to perpetuate the violence and slaughter of billions of sentient beings unnecessarily, is to suppress the innate compassion and empathy within us to a dangerous level of disconnectedness.

It reminds me of how the military breaks down soldiers to think as “one,” to believe it’s “us vs. them,” and to kill when told to kill. That’s war, not peace.

Lack of communication is unhealthy.

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