Believe I’ve enough books to occupy myself through the new year. You’d think it was going to be -60 degrees, not 60 degrees tomorrow. Aargh. I shall suspend reality and read while gazing at a peaceful snowy scene on my laptop now and then. You can blame BigPharma for my crapola photography–tremors. I met another tenant in the lobby a while back by asking her to paint my right fingernails. My hands, especially the left, shake like a Frenchwoman’s muttering, “Comme ci, comme sa.”

How’d she do? Fair to middling.


  1. My ‘festive season’ reading: Murakami, Bukowski, Louis Ferdinand Celine, John Fante, and the Hunter S. Thompson if I get through the rest. yep, that’s where my head is at ! I see you’ve got some great books there. Thich Naht Than, Russell Brand…,

    1. Ooh, Bukowski and Murakami…heavy hitters. And my photo doesn’t include the purchased books on their own shelf screaming to be read…Jean Rhys, de Montaigne bio, Dostoyevsky, Edmond Rostand, Mary Karr (dated DFW, lucky woman), Roth, Forster, Vonnegut….I have an addiction like you, I’m aware 😉

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