“All in it together” unless it affects their bottom line.

My friend, K, has been continually denied the drug, Harvoni, by Cigna, whose CEO earned over 13 million dollars last year. I want to get the word out. What has become of this country that “health” insurance companies, under the thumb of BigPharma, can choose who lives and dies because their highly profitable company won’t shell out money that cuts into their profits to save an insured CUSTOMER’S life. Below is K’s most recent update:

“I want to sincerely thank Cigna health insurance company for denying me life saving medication 4 times already, ensuring my liver will utterly fail this new year because I had the misfortune to get tainted blood transfusions years ago They continue to accuse me of drinking, drug use, having HIV as excuses to not treat me, none of which are true at all. I know they will do anything for their bottom line, but I will continue to speak out against them at every opportunity. Unfortunately, the only voice I have now is FB or Twitter. Their CEO was paid over 13 million dollars last year, but they want me to die because they consider Harvoni too expensive and that is the absolute truth.”

Lack of communication is unhealthy.

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