Lovely lyrics, Allman Brothers (illustration too) but I think Congress legislated love out of town. Small wonder professional matchmakers do good business here. DC lacks romance, man. Stands to reason when everyone avoids looking at each other. Oh, I see plenty of couples, it’s just that they look more compatible than in love. Like they stepped out of a J. Crew catalog. Even the holidays fail to “up jump the boogie” around here.

My most unnerving “couples” tale–leafleting at the metro. I’m down to my last leaflet, the temperature’s dropping and my fingernails are turning blue. I hear two guys–sorry, gentlemen–talking shop behind me, so I implore one of them to have mercy and enjoy better health. The tailored Suit on the left relents and says, “I’ll give it to my wife,” and I get this creepy feeling we’ve stepped back in time to Mad Men days. And they’re younger than I am.

Who knows? I may bump into the love of my life someday. I know one thing.

It won’t be downtown.

Lack of communication is unhealthy.

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