DAY 11: Of course, knowing some of what the future holds doesn’t hurt. After our NYC weekend with Mom, G flew off to lands known and unknown–Africa (I can’t envy him; he’s too damn good to me), for one. Finally, the globe-trotter emailed me to squeeze me into his (again) rapidly filling calendar. Did I want to see Folger Theatre’s new production of Mary Stuart?


Uh, yeah! I’ve always found this sibling rivalry fascinating and the title suggests learning more about the devout Mary. Just as strong-willed as her ruling sister, I’d say.

Next on the menu (had to)–how about a Great Sage brunch? My favorite vegan restaurant whose food and staff friends I’ve gone without too long? (Not to mention a COCKTAIL; I’m really not a boozer but vegan cocktails are hard to come by; this’ll be my first in almost three months.) And the winter menu…I get goosebumps. What to order…

10891645_10155044848970043_8745017537541822684_n 10897109_10155048371945043_3020139431777586184_n 10685524_10155048371395043_5204708843907597260_n10882127_10154952445885043_5676583158304901656_n

And Mike’s a beast at the bar. Looks like a Pomegranate Martini, a perennial favorite. I’ll wait till seated at our table before salivating over the menus. Anticipation’s a wonderful thing. 17 days to go!

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