(This. I want to do this. The 43YOV’s got a bad case of Spring Fever, my friends.)

“Just ate a big tray of fresh lychees. They were so juicy when I was peeling them Ohhh yummy. Juice ran down my wrists, down my arms, on my lap down my groin. I got quite turned on…mmmm.”

“Arrrgghh my clit ring buzzed at security at the airport…. lol. Full strip search it is haha.”

“Vegan sperm mmn mmnmmm omg yummo just like coconut water. I’m addicted.”

“Anal sex…. yay or nay??”

These posts are from a vegan FB friend, D. She posts regularly about veganism like me–benefits, animal cruelty, peace. Of course, she has 4,000+ friends to my 300+ and “represents” for a vegan life extremely well. She rocks a bikini like a supermodel. It’s just funny that her “Anal” post alone got over 800 comments. I doubt all my posts together have garnered 800 comments!

It also occurs to me that 1) I’m not living life to the fullest by a long shot, and 2) not writing down all the natural, sexy, dirty thoughts that come to mind, exploring that part of myself more. I’ve plenty stored up there and they’ve inundated my brain just recently. And thanks to one of her posts, I’ve learned that the raw vegan diet I’ve embraced plays a part in my heightened libido–it’s not the only factor but it deserves kudos.

So here’s to more of the sensual benefits of a truly peaceful lifestyle!

2 thoughts on ““YOU GIVE ME FEVER”

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