(sans cigarette, obviously, but otherwise spot on)

DAY 13: It would be the 13th day…had a chest CT Tuesday per my new rheumy doctor’s request. Thought I was in the clear ’cause the radiologist said I’d hear from my doc yesterday if anything was wrong. Surprise! Dr. D called today to say the mass on my left lung had grown. Now it’s off to the hospital I go for PET scan (and I can’t bring the kitties; so wrong) to zero in on the bugger. Bummer.

I’d already decided that despite previous sulkiness this was going to be my year, too. And so it shall be. As clean and raw as I’ve been eating, I’ll eat cleaner and rawer (wow, that’s a word?). I’d jogged as much as 45 minutes on my rebounder in training for the Vegan Global Run in April. Surely more jogging can only help. Ramped up my yoga and meditation practices last fall for more strength and stamina and ramped up they’ll remain.

The above, plus all the positive thoughts my nearest and dearest are sending my way, should nip this health hiccup in the bud. I’ve made plans, you…mass, you! Watching winter melt into spring, putting my bikini to work at a beautiful beach, a plane to catch, sundresses and sandals to wear and catch the breezes, volunteering at COK’s DC office (they asked!), meeting area clergy (with two used books in hand for them to read and keep) to discuss including ALL beings in their calls for peace, mercy, compassion and love, jumping headfirst into starting a podcast about hell, I don’t know, except that karaoke will figure in each episode (is it episode? show?), laundry, playing “crinky ball soccer goalie” with Ziggy, enjoying vegan picnics during summer’s free Jazz nights, journaling al fresco, learning how to take better photographs with my little camera (and make some black and white; I know there’s a way), growing more basil and parsley on my windowsill, wearing petal pink nail polish, sharing the dream sequence I wrote as part of my documentary (with DIALOGUE; crazy, I know), hugging a cow, girly chats over vegan pizza, hugging humans, cleaning litter boxes, completing Goodreads’ Reading Challenge again (50 books and I’m only on #3), inappropriate laughing in crowded rush hour trains, smiling at sour pusses and writing, of course. Always writing.

Whew. So just shrink back to your smaller self, yon mass. My calendar’s full.

Lack of communication is unhealthy.

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