DAY 14: I love the idea of getting screwed but not by a cable company. After six months of forking over $67.99 for wifi ONLY I reasoned I’d be fine without it. Of course you have to speak to a cable representative to cancel service. This is when they try to talk you into keeping it. All of a sudden they find a “special,” $39.99 (which will turn into $47.99 as my $59.99 became the above). Wow–I could save a whopping $20 a month! It’s still an outrageous price for nothing but a wifi connection. I kindly declined.

Admittedly I’m suffering a bit from withdrawal, especially ’cause I can’t listen to my music anymore. Well, I could if I copied it to a flash drive–do they still exist or is there a new doodad–and bought a radio that had an orifice to accept it. To be honest, as with daily writing I can listen to music with my earbuds (and while I’m writing!) in the model home-looking living room/lounge three floors down. Or here in the laundry room, where I sit typing sans panties ’cause I put off laundry until, well, I’m sans panties.

Sans wifi two and a half days and I leave the apartment, get bitingly frigid fresh air, run errands, even strike up a chummy conversation with a fellow resident unloading her laundry from the dryer as Downton Abbey plays on the large flatscreen. And Season Two, Disc 1 of that series is one of three British DVDs I borrowed from the library while I was out yesterday. Brillo pads!

As Gloria Gaynor exclaimed, I will survive.

Lack of communication is unhealthy.

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