DAY 16: Since the temperatures finally plummeted my new snow boots have earned their keep (ditto for my parka). Ooh, have they kept my feet warm! One problem–they “ate” my ankle socks so I was constantly stopping to pull up my socks. Solution? Knee socks!

I haven’t worn them since, like, junior high. Burned on my brain is an unfortunate photograph of an 11-12 year old me with ex-stepsiblings at King’s Dominion (amusement park). My ensemble consisted of a yellow terry cloth tank top and matching shorts with pink and blue satin edging (early 80s, people), knee socks and white Chuck Taylors. Yes, it was as hideous as it sounds.

Fast forward 40+ years and slightly better fashion sense. I picked bright colors and polka dots to nurture my Spring Fever during gray, granite cold winter days. Who was going to see them, right?


Walking around the apartment in these with bra and panties made me feel kinda sexy, like a naughty school girl. You know where this is headed:

Yes, I danced to it. More than once.

Lack of communication is unhealthy.

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