Kale, celery, apple, cucumber, lime and ginger (friend, Helen’s, juice recipe, just what I have in my fridge to make some!)

My older sister’d mentioned celery’s benefits for people with RA a few years ago, and I only just bought a grass green organic bunch with lots of leaves (I knew they were just as good for you) last week. For some reason I was craving them and decided to add them to my smoothies, fingers crossed my Ninja would macerate them well.

Well, my Ninja’s a beast with chopped celery (so proud) and it added a peppery freshness. It almost tasted as if I’d added vodka to the smoothies, it delivered that kind of punch. I was hooked. Then I noticed physical and emotional changes–I slept better, chronic fatigue plummeted (falling asleep journaling with first coffee a half hour after waking; daily naps), improved digestion, less RA pain and most wonderful, consistent optimism and good mood. Food is medicine, people.

I’d doubled my veggie uptake about a month ago and so I did with celery. I add about a cup of chopped celery to each smoothie, along with a cup each of a few dark, leafy greens. After I unloaded last night’s groceries I stopped for a second, marveling at what filled my fridge now:

IMG_1716 IMG_1717


And I appreciate, am grateful, and love eating real food more than ever.


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