DAY 19: Or bus, as it were. It’s a mural painted on a wall at Native FoodsWhen my friend, P, asked me to join her and two other friends at Native Foods for dinner last night, I couldn’t say no. She was supposed to be moving into the building soon and we hadn’t talked since leafleting at Foggy Bottom. She asked me to leaflet with her again on the train after dinner so she must not have minded my unique methods.

Now Native Foods offers gluten-free options but nothing raw or that didn’t have something on my “Trigger Foods” list. I figured one “illicit” vegan meal wouldn’t hurt. Wrong! Not only did I turn increasingly knackered back home, falling asleep sitting cross-legged on my bed after meditating, I overslept by an hour (!!) only to be greeted by an angry sinus headache. Thirty minutes later, fresh coffee at my side and journal on my lap, my eyelids grew weary and the beast, fatigue, hit me like a Brockway truck (my grandfather worked there and it makes the cliche less so).

What brought me back to life? Food–the right food. I detox smoothied, yoga’d and jogged away the sinus pain and sluggishness. By midday my body craved and was afforded a much-needed nap and I awoke refreshed and ready to take on laundry and groceries (I’m headed off now).

So feeling like crap made you happy, 43YOV? Well, yes, because it meant I was on the right track (bus lane, as it were) following this elimination diet for clues as to whether food allergies, of all things, played a role in my RA. I won’t go down without a fight.

Someone has to treat my body like the temple it is. Might as well be me.

Lack of communication is unhealthy.

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