What follows is a text I sent my mom the day after the second appointment with my rheumy doctor Tuesday:

Saw rheumy doctor again yesterday. More blood drawn, refills called in. She read me the riot act in a very kind way for not having made PET scan appt yet. Told her I was waiting to pick up CD from Radiology down the street she wanted me to take with me. I haven’t caught on yet that DC’s not Howard County and everything takes longer. Makes sense though as this is Congress’s home, a bastion of bureaucracy and red tape. LOL.

Anyhoo, yesterday she used new words like “worried” and “lymph nodes” and “ASAP.” A wonderful nurse, Sabrina, scheduled the appointment for me early on the 29th at the hospital’s Radiology department.

Well, Dr. D can worry for both of us. I’m having none of it. It’s a good sign, obviously, that she cares so. I’ve spent too many years in fear and worrying and life’s too short. Besides I’m sure it’ll come to nothing and I’m right as rain đŸ™‚

Not long after sending it, my mom posted this on my FB page:

“You are amazing and much loved!”


Lack of communication is unhealthy.

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