Wasn’t feeling it last night, picking one of a gazillion songs that mean something to me. Yes, a gazillion. I have songs on my life soundtrack that encapsulate how I felt about one moment, a minute, thirty seconds, a breath. And once home from the market, still feeling the effects of that meal the night before, I guess, I got pissed at men. The male species. I ranted at sleeping cats and in my journal, then rebounded, yoga’d, and meditated it away…by 3:45AM.

But I’m back–in the laundry room as the third load dries in the super-efficient dryer, listening to possible songs and watching a heavily edited version of Bridesmaids but still laughing–and ready to share.

And no disrespect to the extraordinary Roberta Flack but I love The Fugees’ cover:

Lack of communication is unhealthy.

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