Head over to to find out, after reading this sweet song turned sonnet:


I had considered love a mythic force,

a fable told to children ere they slept —

and if ’twas real, it showed me no remorse

while it withheld the wistful dreams I kept.

I thought of romance like a chest of gold,

assuming what I gave would e’er be lost;

thus I commanded that my heart grow cold

so I might ne’er incur its heavy cost.

But when at last I saw her visage fair,

my chill’d convictions thaw’d to my relief;

I’m now the heart’s disciple, deep in pray’r

and thoroughly devout in my belief.

—- No force on earth could ever be applied

to make me, love’s apostle, leave her side.

The Monkees, “I’m a Believer”

(Folger Magazine. Fall 2014. p. 33)

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