But the “good” lung cancer. LOL. Joke from Curb Your Enthusiasm with Larry David. Highly recommend it. Surgery to remove mass and top 15% of left lung in the near future. Few days hospital stay. You know I’m having vegan food brought in! Mom’s coming down to help, bless her. I’m going to be OK. This should nip it in the bud. No chemo/radiation, just “leaner” lungs 😉 Wonder if they’d let me have the bit of lung…turn it into an admittedly unique necklace but serious deterrent to all the smokers I’m going to show it to. (teehee)

I loved Richard Dawson (above), btw. Looking for photos was a happy trip down memory lane. Have to watch Hogan Heroes again. Also highly recommended.


Lack of communication is unhealthy.

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