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…and one of my best friends comes with me and my parents to the beach. I’m reminiscing ’cause it’s been a hell of a week, a hell of a day. Zappa’s spending the night at the emergency veterinary clinic and I miss him yet am relieved he’s with people who can help. I’m exhausted from frustration, fear and helplessness, and I just want to remember one of the best times of my life. No pain, no fear, no responsibility. Laughter, a crush, crashing waves, sand, sun, friends, and a special “Beach Mix Tape” we listened to on our balcony each night. These four were my favorites and are all I have for you this Valentine’s Day:

2 thoughts on “IT’S THE SUMMER OF ’85

  1. A ‘like’ because of all the trouble you took in posting when so many other things were on your mind. Really, I would rather there was a button with the label ‘All Good Wishes’. All good wishes this Valentine’s Day.

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