Zappa’s spent two nights and today at the vets and still won’t eat or drink. They did an ultrasound which showed gastric ulcerations but he didn’t take well to the first two meds. They were going to try a pill form. He’s getting fluids intravenously but is still nauseous despite anti-nausea medication.

He was disgusted by the vet food, even growled when they tried to place it in his kennel so I brought some food, treats, and toys from home today. The light’s gone from his eyes. I did get him to purr and knead by petting and humming his song for over half an hour but he wasn’t interested in his food and things from home. It was torture leaving him but I’m heading back soon.

His vet said if he didn’t start eating today the next step would be a feeding tube but I said no. I can’t do that to him.

Dr. Moore just called; he’s still not eating but she’d like to give him another night for the third ulcer meds to kick in. It hasn’t been 48 hours yet. She also said I should take him home in the morning and see if being there with us would relax him enough to eat. He’s on pain meds so isn’t in any pain; he may just be very stressed there. I’m sure he is.

If he’s not in pain I’ll take him home for 24 hours to see if it makes any difference. If not, I’m going to have to let him go.


  1. I’m so sorry about poor little Zappa, Lisa. Our Gigi had something like this many moons ago when she was around three. We believe she had been nibbling at a plant. Eventually she got better and lived to be 15. I hope the same for you. I’ll be thinking of all of you.

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