I wrote to the senior pastor who recommended I meet with Rev. Fox (he forwarded my email to him too). Knowing the latter had a busy schedule through March I emailed him directly as a kindly reminder of my interest in a structuring Adult (& kids) Sunday school class on Christianity and Animal Rights (in this case as it’s a Presbyterian church) and how it’s just as much their cause to advocate for as it is for vegans.

He sounds interested and willing to work towards making this happen. I’m very happy!

Hi 43YOV,

Thank you for your patience, and for your offer of the books by Andrew Linzey and Will Tuttle. I’ve known of Linzey’s work for years, although I have not engaged it beyond the most superficial familiarity. I have become aware in the past ten years of a growing interest in the topic of animal welfare among evangelical Christians, and this interests me (the fact that evangelicals are interested in the topic, as well as the topic itself).

Last month Christianity Today published a very interesting article, with some helpful links (in the online version):…/animal-welfare-and-chris…. This is indicative of the trend that I have observed. Christine Gutleben, mentioned in the article, has visited NPC and I have had conversation with her a couple of times. I have a sense that she might be a very helpful resource for us as we consider engaging this issue. I am planning to reach out to her; I wonder if you happen to know her, or are aware of her, since she lives in Bethesda.

I have some ideas about how we might proceed to explore this area (and for me to learn better all that “this” entails). They are modest to begin with, enabling us to gauge interest initially and then go deeper as/if awareness grows.

We are poised to launch a major emphasis on small groups in the next ten days. Once that is off the ground I will have a better sense of my time (I hope that my need to attend to a host of issues will decrease once March arrives). At that point in time I would hope to be able to meet with you for 30 or 45 minutes to become better acquainted and to talk through how we might proceed.

Thank you for your interest. I look forward to further conversation.

Associate Pastor
The National Presbyterian Church

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