Yesterday a vegan Facebook friend wrote about commenting on the “Real Women Wear Fur” Facebook page, then being blocked. I decided to check out the “RWWF” page and read its most recent post:

Real Women Wear Fur
February 19 at 3:41pm ·

“We firmly believe everyone has the right to their own individual choice with fur. If they don’t want to buy or wear it, that is fine. Unlike some organisations, we don’t want to force our agenda onto other people. What we do want, however, is to assure everyone that skinning animals alive is unacceptable, barbaric, utterly impractical, and nothing to do with the fur items found in shops and on catwalks around the world.
Fur farming has more stringent controls and welfare standards than most other forms of animal farming. We are committed to developing higher standards all the time. All our members have signed a code of conduct covering welfare and the environment. We have an Origin Assured (OA) label to show which countries have regulations in place and we are currently looking at new technology to strengthen traceability.”

Share from Truth About Fur – the source for accurate information.…/dont-skin-animals-alive_b…

(I bolded a few statements in its post as my comment was in response to those claims. My comment appeared but then I was blocked.) I visited the “RWWF” page today and my comment has been deleted. Fortunately I posted it to my Facebook friends too:

“Good grief. Your argument is stringent controls and welfare standards? What difference does welfare make when the innocent sentient beings are killed and skinned unnecessarily so you can wear their fur as a fashion statement, to show the world you’re a “real woman?” What does that even mean? I bathe, dress nicely, wear a favorite scent, have a great hairstyle, exercise, eat healthfully, am kind, compassionate, passionate, and strive to help those in need. But because I don’t wear fur, I’m not a “real woman.” Wow. That’s no argument, that’s what this real woman calls “cognitive dissonance.” Amazing the lengths to which humans will go to rationalize using and abusing non-human animals for their pleasure.”

My friend, Carmel, then shared another “RWWF” post with her response which was blocked immediately. She was kind enough to let me share it here, to which I added my two cents:


My two cents:

“Well, duh, like fur wearers are going to be at an animal shelter or animal rights conference, or VegFest where we volunteer for many animal rights organizations, or see the monthly email thanking us for our donation to COK or Sea Shepherd or MFA, or animal rights demonstrations, or reading animal rights books to continue learning about this dire issue, or fostering shelter animals, etc. If that’s how ignorant one needs to be to call oneself a “real woman,” I gladly relinquish the label.”

Alas, I have no children to leave my clothing to in my will (another of their selling points–passing down your real fur items to future generations as cherished heirlooms). Having no children is ecologically responsible in our over-populated world, I might add. Fortunately I donate clothing to those in need regularly. I’ve made a habit of “one item in, one item out” in my living space.

Lastly, I am a vegan, a mostly raw, organic, non-GMO vegan, as I’ve found it makes me feel the healthiest. As agribusiness is the #1 cause of global warming (or climate change, whatever you want to call it), adopting a healthy vegan lifestyle benefits me, you, non-human animals, the earth, water, and air more than rolling full recycling bins to the curb once a week (or killing and skinning animals to wear their fur in accordance with “stringent control and welfare standards”) ever will.

Peace be with you.

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