(I should be so lucky 😉 )

I feel a buzz, like I drank one perfect girly martini. And yet no alcohol’s touched my lips. What’s caused this lingering high from happy hormones? Nothing spectacular. Just unexpected, and now I’ve fallen in love with it, the unexpected. What follows is my answer to my friend, S’s enquiry, “How are you? ((((())))). If ok:”

“Hey S. I’m good. My friend, Patricia, who moved into my building was heading out into the snow same as me so we stopped at the drugstore–greeting card for her, refill for me–then I decided to join her for the walk and stay at the Starbucks a few more blocks downtown.

It wasn’t anything extraordinary but I’m so glad I tagged along. And that there was a new magazine in my mailbox to look at while she surfed the web. We both love walking in the snow and you know, my shoulder pain lessened considerably. I’m pretty sure it was because I was happy. Not alone. Hanging out with a friend.

Enjoyed the jolt of serotonin and dopamine, I can tell you! LOL. When we got back we finally moved my two matching green (and very light) chairs up to her studio. I’m happy to have the space (never sat in them) and she’s happy not to have to move chairs from her house (she’s trying to do the B&B thing there).

Unexpected and really, really nice. Amazing how being with another person lessened my joint pain so much. Proof that I need and want a good man to share my life with. I’m still buzzed from the day.

My mom flies in Tuesday and stays until the 20th (1st day of Spring, S). I can’t wait for the world to turn green and blossomy. Here, I’m sending a bunch of positive energy to you, OK? (((((()))))).”


    1. And it continues! Unbelievable. Less pain and slept about 5 hours without waking. Progress! And Zappa’s his old wonderful, talkative self…life’s been good to me ❤ And my fave bloggers have stuck by me. I could hug myself 😉 Peace \/

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