Well, this is it. The special, touching episode of “The Night Before Tomorrow.” Time’s flown since Mom’s arrival. She and Dad have been so supportive and helpful, I’m still not worried about tomorrow’s surgery ’cause I feel the love of all my friends and family, I set up Mom with friend and fellow knitter, Patricia, so they can visit the Looped Yarn Works, maybe sit and knit there or at Starbucks (when Mom needs a break from me!) this weekend and next week.

Patricia gifted us with a vegan shepherd’s pie with HOMEMADE crust that’s out of this world. Mom loved it too. I’ve got my vegan protein drinks, green juices and probiotic beverages (Kevita’s Tangerine!) to strengthen the old immune system my few days in hospital. Yes, I will be talking or writing to the hospital’s nutrition director about their vast menu with TWO vegan options, soy milk and a soup. You pay premium for the “enhanced” menu with smoothies. Please…

I’ve the best surgeon, hospital, abundance of positive vibes I feel from all my loved ones, know the kitties are in good hands with Grandma, and going in with super human blood oxygen levels and lung capacity. We’re gonna nip this “cancer thing,” as Dad calls it, in the bud, chickadees and chickadudes.

Lack of communication is unhealthy.

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