In some cultures we’d be engaged. Meanwhile…


Had my first post-op appointment with my surgeon Friday. Dr. T walked into the examining room and stopped, his eyes widened. “You look really good,” he said. LOL. Well, I couldn’t look much worse than I did in hospital! Anyway, so did my chest X-ray. Whew. We’d had a tense confrontation while in hospital but being home, meditating and reading a new library book on Buddhism helped me let it go. It was the high point of my day!

Especially when he again said, “You look really good,” adding, “I’ll let Brian (yummy P.A.) know, our rock star,” as we got up to part. I chuckled at him calling Brian that when Brian thinks Dr. T’s the rock star. I wish I’d told him that. Maybe next time. I’ll see him again in a couple weeks, another X-ray, to make sure incisions and lung’s healing (healed) well. He even asked if I had plans for the holidays. Holidays? “You know, Easter.” Oops. Guess I’m on the highway to hell. Oh well. It’s warm and I can catch up with friends 😉

Lack of communication is unhealthy.

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