Sigh. The reasons I have less chance of remarrying? 1. I don’t want to remarry. 2. There are 20 million more single women than men in the US; 3. Only 20% of vegans are men. Since men determine the sex of a child, men check their Tinder accounts during dates, and men are scared that becoming a vegan will make them menstruate, I’d say omnivorous straight men are to blame for future hypothetical increases in abortions.



  1. I find myself wanting to comment here, and I’m not sure why. I think it is amazement at the statistic that there are 20% more single women than men in US, and that set’s me wondering if a similar figure applies to UK. What, for heaven’s sake, has happened to human relationships to make such a situation real – too many demands, too many preconditions, too many caveats?

    1. From the one (and only) dating book I read the gist seems to be that with the plethora of social media and online “dating” services men, being in the minority so to speak, don’t need to try very hard. A woman responds to one question, situation, etc. that matches a negative stereotype (one of at least 16 the book said!)–too friendly to the doggy they pass on the sidewalk, baby crazy; not friendly enough, frigid (seriously, this was an example in the book given by men)–and it’s stored in the man’s brain which is now supersensitive to any other negative “behaviors” a perfectly lovely woman has no idea she’s exhibiting, or that it’s wrong.

      The dating world today is a whole new ballgame and one too exhausting to play anymore, for me. And yes, several woman friends have mentioned the “guy checking his Tinder account on a date.” (‘Course it could be a dating urban/suburban myth; my ex just cheated on me while we were married–so cliche 😉

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