Now I understand the Jesus picture posted on their page. Jesus is holy, hence Holy Cow! Organic Grass Fed Beef. As Jesus was sacrificed for our sins, so, too, are these beloved cows. Actually, I’ve no idea if that’s what the owners/farmers believe. It just popped into my head as happens sometimes. All the photographs and quoted comments come from their company’s Facebook page.

I like this couple. They’re farmers who put in long hours like my much-loved great-uncle did on the small dairy farm he inherited when his father, my great-grandfather, couldn’t run it any longer. He took over because as eldest son (age 16) it was his duty; truthfully, he didn’t care for dairy farming, or cows, but that’s what you did back then. These farmers work hard filling a growing demand for “humane,” “grass-fed,” beef (cows; using the term “beef” distances the farmers and consumers from the sentient beings their dinners once were), those on-trend, conscience-soothing words and their association with raising animals for consumption originating from…where, I wonder?


A lovely photo of the co-owner showing the affection she has for her cows. Far from being flippant, I believe she loves these animals and wants to give them the kind of life they deserve…until they’re ready to be prematurely killed for lovers of grass-fed cow.


The statement accompanying this picture (which caught me off guard when I saw it, I must admit): “IN GOD WE TRUST”


Holy Cow Grass Fed Beef “we enjoy eating planted organic grass it’s the best grass fed only U.S.A. Beef taste the difference” (a comment below this photo written on behalf of their happy cows eating, I must say, beautiful planted organic grass. Apparently, they can’t wait for you to taste the difference when they’re slaughtered prematurely for your pleasure).


Their adorable pet puppy loves the lush organic grass too. No comment made on her behalf. Oh, wait, she’s not going to be lovingly and tenderly raised to be killed prematurely for your pleasure. She’s a dog, for goodness sake! Obviously these farmers are just two of countless humans who live by this ingrained logic. What follows is a John Robbins blog post that brought about my comment on his post and this here blog post.

I’m so disappointed. People beat alcohol, nicotine, heroin, prescription drug addiction, etc., terribly difficult to overcome, usually attempted after they’ve hit rock bottom, and attempted many times. They and their addictions are mired in stigma, stereotypes, and they certainly aren’t treated with kid (yuck; leather; sorry) gloves (some celebrities excluded). When it comes to eating animals, however, so-called animal advocates or environmentalists like Michael Pollan (a small-scale cattleman, by the way; of course he thinks it’s fine to consume about 3 ounces of meat per week. See: Cowspiracy) and now, John Robbins, coddle and baby humans: just eat less! (not unlike animal rights and vegan organizations pushing the “Meatless Monday” program, especially as many people eat seafood, not regarding it as meat, don’t participate in this weekly event, or have the access or resources to participate.) Grass-fed IS more humane…no, it’s not.

When the life of a “grass-fed” or “free range” animal is taken for your pleasure, and as Mr. Robbins states, most are killed in the same horrifying slaughterhouses where factory farmed animals are killed, that is inhumane. That is animal abuse. You are allowing others to orchestrate another being’s life to fit into the life you want. And just a reminder: there are no laws protecting farm animals in the US. None. Only laws protecting BigAg.

Animal abuse is wrong. Not allowing animals to live out their lives in the way nature intended is wrong.


  1. there’s a shocking degree of arrogance demonstrated when we posit ourselves at the top of the food chain, and subsequently ignore the effects of our actions. Shame.

    1. Good to hear from you. I’ve just had it with the lengths to which people will go to justify animal abuse. Just responded, probably a mistake, to some dude who didn’t even go to any lengths to disagree with that comment I made. He said, “Shaking my head. Dayum. Animals were created for our use. And one of those uses is food.” I need to meditate. Peace and thanks \/

  2. Our greatest, least forgivable hypocrisy. And you so rightly criticize our selective attitude: dogs are cute so dogs have medical care to rival our own, cattle (and I think of them as the most sweet-natured and intelligent of animals) are slaughtered brutally. Yet I am a carnivore. I can’t, and I have tried many times, be otherwise. So….

    1. Omnivore, not carnivore. We choose. You’ve made the connection, the hardest part. That takes courage, removing one’s blinders in our culture of denial. I’m proud of your attempts. It took 20-plus years and several tries for me to quit smoking, but I did. So…keep trying. No harm in it. Peace \/

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